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About Us

We have originated in the Brazilian financial market since 1982. Acting in the various positions, in 5 banks, until reaching the position of Regional Director of HSBC. In 2005, we started our first company in Brazil that prospered and provided the creation of many others, among which we mention: Brokerage Firm, Factoring, Credit Society, Credit Rights Management, Accounting, Communication Technology, Publishing, Real Estate Management, Correspondent Exchange, …

In 2012, we began our operations in the USA to import LG products to Interior Design.

By 2014 we were starting our financial advisory and other services operations in the UK. These were the first steps and the first studies to enable our company of “Bureau de Change, Money Remittance”. We got our license on 12/28/2016, granted by the FCA / Bank Of England.

During this time, between the beginning and the end of the process in the United Kingdom, we gave the start of our financial consulting firm also in Portugal. Gradually it will be incorporated by AJB-FS.

Now in 2017, with the format of 10 Self Representatives, we want to consolidate our Business Plan in the area of ​​Money Remittance and Bureau de Change


Why us?

  • Ethics and Responsability
  • Agility and Safety
  • High Standards of Quality in Services
  • Big experience in Latin American and North American Markets